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Pronounced [seh · nuh]


I am a Melbourne-based visual creator specialising in photography, videography, marketing and more.

I began my experience in the entertainment industry in front of the camera as a dancer, actress, and singer at a young age. After high school, I worked as a professional hip hop dancer in Australia and overseas for a few years (and continue to do some dance work to this day) for corporate events, film, and television. I also have competed locally, nationally and internationally in hip hop competitions.

I completed a Diploma of Entertainment (Business Management) at JMC Academy. During this course, I was given the opportunity to manage other music students and created a brand for their bands. This included creating a range of content from logos and flyers to undergoing group photoshoots and behind the scenes content. This is when I knew that I wanted to be creative and not just manage artists.

After completing the diploma, I went on to Swinburne University of Technology to gain a Bachelor of Media and Communication (Media Industries). I delved further into a range of media formats, including podcasting, video production, journalism and more. While completing my degree, I interned as a Media and Marketing Coordinator for a VFL club and this lead me to work as a freelance graphic designer for a small Melbourne design business creating social media content and building email campaigns for local businesses.


Since completing my degree, I have worked with a range of small businesses and up-and-coming models, dancers, and actors of all ages. I hope to continue growing in the commercial industry and work with brands, dancers, models, actors and more.

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